Ольга Проценко
2020 Humanities journal  
The article deals with the problem of place and role of etiquette in the culture of behavior and communication in the life of the individual and society as a whole. A philosophical and ethical analysis of etiquette as a sociocultural phenomenon is presented, covering a wide range of problems related to the logical and linguistic consideration of the term and notion of "etiquette" and its manifestations.The purpose of the article is to identify the extent of etiquette presence in the broadcast
more » ... in the broadcast of the morally valuable, which reduces itself to the system of sociocultural communication. It is stated that etiquette imperativeness permeates all spheres of everyday and exclusive activity of people, turns spontaneous behavioral acts into a single sacrament of moral culture. The structural components of etiquette, its functional assignment in the organization and ordering of social relations, collective and individual behaviors are analyzed. The place of etiquette in the formalization of cultural standards and civilized stereotypes of moral relations, formation of ideas about proper relations are stated.To sum up, etiquette is considered as a socio-cultural product being a part of a system of ethical discursive practices aimed at spreading peace, understanding, tolerance, as well as coordination in actions of people to preserve the moral and psychological climate of society
doi:10.32620/gch.2019.4.05 fatcat:fo2xbvaysferdkmx4itq7apagi