The Nanaimo Free Press [Saturday, January 30, 1915] [article]

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i sH REPa/Mir BYHEUONS datobUd wmrm tkt mw» baa raMtaad Ktal to Iba affect that the admiral and nlaa staff officers of the Oer-IB tbe aaral battle off iba Palklaed Ulands. I Paris. Jan. I*-The PrehA war btnea U.uad this momtaff a report bs (ollowi; f "DenerallT spaaklnt. Jaanarp SI puaei quletlf. •In BaliJlum there were arUllery son«*i>>*»t* OulaehT. Near La Bassea. the Brltah armp drore back an atUck delirered bp thra. German batullons. The Ger mans in this cam sartered hearp losses. •To the
more » ... rth ot Arras Bear the NaaTille-Bt. Vaast line oar Jiaa*/ artlllarp brought a German batterp aader tire and eansed the catsaons of the anemp to explode. -In the •ectloBS of Albert. Rope. Solaaons. Craonna, Rbatas and Perthes there were paeterdap arti:larp angagements at limes rather seeera. Our battaris acanlttd Uamaaivas atflelantip. -la the Woerro district near FUte# Ibe Germans exploded a mine, the object of which was to blow op ourtieaehea. As a matter of fact all ihep did was to daetrop their own •Thera ta nothing to report from ■ -not the front." Paris. Jaa. SI.-The followtag ol--At tbe east of Boiseoas tbe Oer hare made two attempu to ; cross the Alaae-oas at the MIU of the Bocks and the other at the bead of the bridg*. which is held bp troops dae north of the bridge of ravalsed. "OarlBff the alght of Jaanarp SI Daaklrk was bombar ariators. which caused ricaat ioeaee. bnt killed or wounded a few persona. letweea U o'tdoek. the night of Januarp St and S o'clock of the moratng of Januarp SI two of our ariators launched anmerons bomba on the enemp'a works in tbe region of rare. Laon aad Solssons. On tbe . ..lag of the 21th a Gen slilp was brought down north of Gerberrnier. lu pilot and i ehanlelan. a German officer i sub-officer. were made prisoners.' Oermaa Report. Berlin. Jan. SI-The offlcUl sUtement Issued bp the Oerman armp headquarters saps; "In the waatern theatre: During a night ex* peditioa made bp one of our squad rona of aeroplanes, the British proriston esubiishmeau of the fortress of Dunkirk were attacked. Many bomba were dropped. "An attack made bp the enemp in the dunes to the northwest of Nieu port wae repnised. Tbe euamp, who penetrated at one pUoe as far as our trenebae, was repulsed bp a sight baponet atUck. •To the south of La Baaeee the British attempted to recapture positions which we had taken from them, but the attack was east pulsed. "Nothing of importance took on tbs remainder of our front. four crutsen also met death la the battle. The newspaper saps commander of the Oertnan eralaer Numbarg. whan leering Hoaolala. Sept. 1. decUred to the Oerman eoaaul there: be Numberg will be our coffin, but we will not surrender." SCHOOL EMtiM IN COMING YEAR BsUmates for tbe coming pear to tailing nearly |4«.0«0 were passed at meeting of the Nanaimo Board of School Trustees held Uto paeterdap deUlla being as follows; J MONTHS OF WAR ' EN)S WELL FOR ALUFS London, Jan. SO-Daless tbe a ablp unexpected, the past week wi.l rank as tbe most b^rtealng for tbe Allies since-the war began. The signal succeas tor the British at aaa. the fact that the Germans were out In action in three daps in one area alone on land, and thas shrewd bank lag magnates at home are expressing satiafsction In the xiuntrp's con. tlnued sublllty.^t.ese majn fea tures glre cause for satisfaction ai the state things are prerailing In th.t last week of the first six months of the war. Nobodp howerer U yet boi l enough to decUre that area the be ginning of the end is-pet in sigtf.. TAKBff PRISONER AT 80IB80N8. Tropes. Tin Paris, Jan. SI-Cap tain Claude Caslmlr-Perier. son of a former premier of Prance, was taken prisoner during the recent battle si Botssons. according to the Petit Troyen. The paper adds that tlie distinguished conduct of CapUln Caslmir-Perier in this fight gained him special mention in the army ord-I nuDimiE -IN THE-DOMINION HALL Monday. Feb. 1st Both the Honee of Lords end the Home of Commone reeiee Tueeday. Tbe Commons for six weeks will derote Itself almost en tirely to finance, other legMatlon be ing confined to war emergency meas , Winston Churchll. first lord of tbe Admimity. and Field Marahui Earl Kitchener respectlrely. are ex pMted to make statenlenu concern ing the nardj and mlllUrj^ituation There Is erery reason to snTlrip^ aM regards Lord Kitchener that his thrdship will glre a compact sommaiyof what It already o^fectlr known/and Ihen^ratgftaway resuiile hU teat. In spite of what aome newspa pers tay. the arerage citlaen la n..i dtaposod to get hot becauae he ? to little. T GERMAN CRUI SERS BADLY DAMAGED Art Orffham Of Pantages Theatre. Beattie.
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