Nanaimo Free Press [Saturday, May 25, 1895] [article]

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IfejtaiiM Jr« 1 r\ ' VEHAVE WHAt YOU WANT ' WHEN YOU WAFf JITT 'TBA S'COKB PV^BmkTbaa Oroaodis rkattotats Yf, is ULVl/lJU QC UUe VoL xm NANAIMO. BRITIBH COLUMBIA. SATURDAY. MAY 26. 1896. Number 36. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Leavet Nanaimo, Hay asth at 8 a.m Leaves Vancouver *• " atl:lS p. Leaves Nanaimo May s6 at 8 ami Leaves (Cntcb) Vanconver Hay 3«th at i:iS p.m. Our Store will be open on Thuisday Evening, 23rd inst., and on Friday morning 24th, till 12;30. Saturday afternoon we shall close our store from
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