2020 unpublished
In the last period of time more and more people have started to focus on interpersonal distance and although most people focus mainly on verbal communication, an essential role is the choice of the optimal distance from the interlocutor. We set out to study the optimal distance between two people in different purchasing situations. And this must be a distance that gives the buyer a feeling of well-being when he comes in contact with a seller in a clothing/footwear store, namely an
more » ... me appliances store, but also in relation to a waiter in a restaurant, respectively with a doctor in a medical office. In this sense, we focused on a quantitative research, represented by a survey of a number of 480 people, who are currently students at state universities in Iasi. They also come from the North-East area of Romania, more precisely from the following counties: Bacău, Botoșani, Iași, Neamț, Suceava and Vaslui. Three types of distances have been determined: one for the situation where the buyer does not intend to buy, a second aims to identify the optimal distance when only testing the market for a future purchase, and a third for where the purchase is made immediately. The results obtained show that the distance considered to be optimal between a customer and a seller, but seen from the customer's perspective, differs depending on the nature of the product/service purchased, but is not influenced by the type of seller.
doi:10.24818/imc/2020/05.08 fatcat:5wqe4pw6x5bttdc4hwuohgfybu