Automatic code generation from unified modelling language sequence diagrams

Debasish Kundu, Rajib Mall, Debasis Samanta
2013 IET Software  
The Unified Modeling Language (UML) has now become the de-facto industry standard for object-oriented (OO) software development. UML provides a set of diagrams to model structural and behavioral aspects of an object-oriented system. Automatic translation of UML diagrams to object oriented code is highly desirable because it eliminates the chances of introduction of human errors in the translation process. Automatic code generation is efficient which, in turn, helps the software engineers
more » ... the software on time. However, major challenges in this area include checking consistency of UML models, and ensuring accuracy, maintainability, and efficiency of the generated code. This paper represents an approach to generate efficient and compact executable code from UML diagram. By analyzing the characteristics UML diagram, a coding strategy is proposed, and a structure identification and coding algorithm are put forward for code generation from UML diagram. Based on the coding strategy an algorithm is proposed to generate code from UML diagrams using some intermediate steps. The main objective of this paper is to generate the code from UML diagram. .
doi:10.1049/iet-sen.2011.0080 fatcat:es2vvdvqajgbhphdtxxllgktyq