Searching for Meaning in Dying

Aditi Lodha
2019 Zenodo  
The theme I have chosen to explore as my mode of discourse over the topic of life and death is the one on the philosophy of death. I have come to realise that death is sometimes looked at as a negative outcome in one's journey of life. It is a concept that paves into too many ambiguities and is perceived differently in unfathomable numbers of belief systems all across the world. There have been many prevailing accounts on the conception of death throughout the course of history, and to
more » ... ry, and to summarise a well-versed understanding on how it is conceptualised and integrated into cultures, I felt it was necessary to build my own perspective upon the same. To explore what it means to me, I felt I needed to conduct my research on those who illuminated the idea of death through the course of their work and lives. In my opinion, there wouldn't have been a more accurate account of the representation of death, than those coming from two philosophers whose work entailed pieces that added to the process of understanding what it is.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4274856 fatcat:oy5mlwyhy5gbbp6oiz7zf7lrce