Increasing the competitiveness of educational institutions in the conditions of internetization

Yuliya Zhuravel, Yuliia Kuzmenko, Olesia Fedoruk, Iryna Tymkiv
2022 Eduweb. Revista de tecnología de información y comuncación en educación  
Transformational social processes, the development of science and technology, changes in the value systems and orientations of the individual, the active introduction of digital technologies into all spheres of human life and economic systems, determine the need for the formation of new requirements for ensuring the quality of the educational process. At the same time, the development of technologies, foremost, the development of digital technologies determines great opportunities for the
more » ... pment of education, but the effective use of new technologies is possible only if the processes of management of educational systems are rationalized at the global level, the level of the state, and the level of a separate educational institution. Therefore, considering the relevance of the research, the article sets a goal: to develop mechanisms for increasing the efficiency of management of educational institutions through the introduction of digital technologies to ensure their competitiveness in the market for the provision of educational services in accordance with new social requirements and global transformations. The object of research in the article is the management system of educational institutions. Methodology. The study analyzed trends and trends in the development of the education system and educational institutions by using methods of statistical analysis and comparison. To structure educational institutions according to the level of use of digital technologies, the leading international rankings QS World University Rankings, Webometrics, Google Scholar Citations and UniRank were analyzed. Based on the analysis, a structured set of indicators and control maps of ratings of the digital popularity of educational institutions were formed. As a result, the article models the effectiveness of using digital technologies as elements of the management system. The projection of the planned results of the use of digital technologies allows modeling the processes of the development of the education system as an element of managing the competitiveness of educational facilities. The results. As a result of the analysis, it was determined that ensuring the competitiveness of educational institutions in the conditions of social transformations significantly depends on the level of use of digital technologies for the promotion of the educational institution, image formation, popularization of its own scientific research and activity results, as well as journalistic activity. The expediency of using database resources, as well as social network resources as an element of the educational institution's digital promotion strategy to ensure its competitiveness, was determined, which was confirmed by analyzing the results of the leading world ratings. Among the main tasks of the management system, which solve the methods of using digital technologies, as well as the advantages that ensure the competitiveness of educational institutions, there are the following: mobile access to public information, a strategy of openness, positioning and creating a positive image, forming the image of an individual scientist and an educational institution by positioning journalistic activity, ensuring accessibility to information, increasing competitiveness by complying with modern trends in the development of an innovative information society.
doi:10.46502/issn.1856-7576/2022.16.03.2 fatcat:vvmxpvl5pjb6lazql7zzmw5que