More Than 50 Years of History and Accomplishments in Human Performance Model Development

Richard W. Pew
2008 Human Factors  
The history of human performance modeling is rooted in a practical need to support engineering design, and it is a longer history than one might suspect. Of course, there also have been many models of behavior proposed and tested in the psychological literature throughout the history of experimental psychology. This article is not about those models but rather is a survey of models of integrated human task performance -models that can be represented mathematically or programmed in a computer
more » ... can, in principle, produce predictions of human performance of practical importance. These models are integrated in the sense that they encompass the entire informationprocessing system from sensory input to motor output and, unlike more standard psychological models, are not limited to representing perception, memory, or decision making in isolation. The history of these types of models dates from at least World War II. As early as the 1940s, well more than the 50 years this article series is celebrating, engineers were interested in the design of artifacts such as military power-assisted gun turret controls used to track moving targets. These sys-
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