Research on the Evolutionary Path of Eco-Conservation and High-Quality Development in the Yellow River Basin Based on an Agent-Based Model

Aiwu Zhao, Jingyi Wang, Zhenzhen Sun, Hongjun Guan
2022 Systems  
The high-quality economic and social development of the Yellow River Basin is a combined system comprising the coordinated development of "economy–resources–environment–society", with resources and the ecological environment bearing capacity as the constraints, and green innovative development as the driving force. Based on the systematic analysis of the structural dimensions of the composite system, this paper uses the balanced indicators and their coordinated development effectiveness to
more » ... ibe the development quality of the macro-composite system. In order to reveal the mechanism of the evolutionary path of the macro system, the resource- and environment-bearing capacity, regional high-quality development potential, regional innovation capacity, and high-quality development guarantee capacity are adopted as the main attributes and decision-making basis of the autonomous agents. The simulation results show that, under the existing development model, the economic development of all of the provinces in the Yellow River Basin will be constrained by resources and the environment. However, different policy scenarios significantly affect the evolutionary trends of economic development, resource consumption, and the environmental pollution situation. The mechanisms to overcome the bottleneck of the resource and ecological constraints are different for these policies, and the effects of the same policy in different provinces are also not the same.
doi:10.3390/systems10040105 fatcat:g2rmihzhjrer3fib2flblhmohq