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1862 The Lancet  
577 noticed the subscription. He handed the list back, and said that if the prisoner would call in the morning he would give him a subscription. Prisoner did call again; and as witness had not seen Dr. Wakley as he intended, he put him off. The prisoner seemed very anxious about getting the subscription, when he (witness) told him he should call and see Mr. Thomas Wakley, and he (Mr. Wakley) would tell him (prisoner) when to call again. Prisoner said that Mr. Wakley was not in the habit of
more » ... ing to his clerks, therefore he should not be able to call on me again. Witness refused to give him the subscription he had promised, and the prisoner then lefo and did not call again. Prisoner-I called twice after that, and saw your servant. Witness-Perhaps you did. Mr. CHARLES STUART WATKINS, surgeon, Chandos-street, Strand, said at the latter end of October prisoner called upon him for subscriptions on behalf of Mrs. Brent, widow of the late Deputy-coroner. He looked at the list, and saw names, and at the top was that of Mr. Wakley. He could not recollect the Christian name to it. Prisoner said he had called by the authority of Messrs. Wakley. Witness said he felt surprised that prisoner had called for snch a purpose after the situation which the late Mr. Brent had held. Upon the faith of the prisoner's saying that some allowance was going to be made by Messrs. Wakley, he gave 5s. Prisoner-May I ask the witness a question ? Mr. SLEIGH (throwing the brief from him)-You can ask him what you like. Take your brief. Prisoner-Go on, Sir, with it. I will not do it again. Mr. SLEIGH (taking up the brief a.gain)-You had better not, or else you will have to conduct your own case. SARAH TIRLEY (an elderly female) said she was in the prisoner's service for about three days to nurse the baby at 13, Grenville-street; Mr. and Mrs. Davis lived there. Prisoner is Mr. Davis. She always called the person she saw Mrs. Davis, and merely knew that Mrs. Davis was there. Mr. METCALFE-Did they live as man and wife together? Mr. SLEIGH objected to the question, and Mr. MANSFIELD said, supposing they were living together in a life of profligacy, it would only establish the fact that she was poorly off. The question was not pressed. Mr. JOHN FREDERICK BRENT, brother to the late Mr. Brent. -Knew very little of the widow of his brother. She was married to him but a short time prior to his death. His brother and the prisoner resided together before his death. He saw Mrs. Brent there in court. Mrs. TIRLEY was recalled, and on looking at Mrs. Brent she identified her as the same person whom she had seen in Grenville-street as Mrs. Davis. Cross examined.-She would not pledge herself that they were living together, as she did not see them sleeping together. It was a lodging-house. Davis lived there, and Mrs. Brent, as they now called her, lived there. She did not know her by the name of Mrs. Brent. It was the sister's baby that was there. Re-examined by Mr. METCALFE.—They took their meals together. She (witness) waited on them. She was always called
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