Evaluation and effects of the application of control lists/findings in school written production

Lucilene Aparecida Spielmann Schnorr, Carmen Teresinha Baumgärtner
2016 Travessias  
According to documents such as the National Curricular Parameters/PCN (BRASIL, 1998) and the Curricular Guidelines of Basic Education of the State of Paraná/DCE (PARANÁ, 2008), the Portuguese Language discipline has the function of contributing to the expansion of the communicative capacity of students, enabling them to communicate adequately in the various situations of social interaction in which they are inserted. The DCE advise that the teaching/learning of Portuguese language should
more » ... guage should improve the linguistic and discursive knowledge of the students, so that they understand the discourses that surround them and be able to interact with these discourses. For this, it is essential that we consider the social nature of language, as well as the context of the production of utterances, which have their meanings socially and historically constituted. In the dialogical perspective of language, when working with the writing and rewriting of texts, as a Portuguese language teacher of public school and as a researcher, We were interested in investigating, in our master's research (in progress), linked to the Stricto Sensu Graduate Program in Letters, Professional Master's Level in Letters/PROFLETRAS the elaboration and application of a pedagogical resource that could assist us in the evaluation/correction of written textual production, and that would enable students a more effective means of reviewing their texts, with a view to guiding adaptations in the rewriting process. For this, we first elaborate a resource model, the list of controls/findings, and developed a series of activities aimed at its use to produce texts written in the classroom, during and after which we tested it. Situated in the field of Applied Linguistics Studies, characterizing as action research, in the discussion of this work we approach the effects of the application of this resource in the evaluation, review and rewriting of texts of students of a 7th year of elementary school, from a school of the state public school of a municipality of the Wes [...]
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