QoS Based Congestion Control Algorithm for Video Traffic in Wireless Mesh Network

Jerrin Sebastian, Deepu Job, Smitha Jacob
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
Wireless Mesh Networks are popular as an attractive means to provide connectivity and broadband wireless internet access in a cost effective manner. It's a hybrid network which can be a combination of different networks like Adhoc networks, Wireless sensor networks etc. The latest pervasive mobile, wireless support and growth in smartphone features have increased user demand for rich media services on their devices. Unfortunately, main limitation associated with these networks are lack of
more » ... teeing high Quality of Service (QoS) levels to their clients. Since traffic is not evenly distributed across network, some nodes carry more traffic and become congested. Congestion results in packet loss. This will affect the quality of video deliveries around the network. Although different routing mechanism and routing metrics are available, proper metric has to be selected for routing, so as to avoid congestion or to rectify it. Each metric will be having advantages and disadvantages. The criteria used for selecting a metric is vital and depends on various factors. An algorithm is proposed which can be used for overcoming the congestion, thereby increasing the total network utilization.