Optimal procrastinating voltage scheduling for hard real-time systems

Yan Zhang, Zhijian Lu, J. Lach, K. Skadron, M.R. Stan
2005 Proceedings. 42nd Design Automation Conference, 2005.  
This paper presents an optimal procrastinating voltage scheduling (OP-DVS) for hard real-time systems using stochastic workload information. Algorithms are presented for both single-task and multi-task workloads. Offline calculations provide real-time guarantees for worst-case execution, and online scheduling reclaims slack time and schedule tasks accordingly. The OP-DVS algorithm is provably optimal in terms of energy minimization with no deadline misses. Simulation results show up to 30%
more » ... show up to 30% energy savings for single-task workloads and 74% for multi-task workloads compared to using a constant worst-case execution voltage. The complexity of our algorithm for multi-task workloads is linear to the number of tasks involved.
doi:10.1109/dac.2005.193944 fatcat:ktwgtyi6ofgxvlhqwj52uosknq