Approximation of transmission line parameters of single-core and three-core XLPE cables

P. Wagenaars, P. A. F. Wouters, P. J. M. Van Der Wielen, E. Steennis
2010 IEEE transactions on dielectrics and electrical insulation  
A transmission line model of a power cable is required for the analysis of the behavior of high-frequency phenomena, such as partial discharges, lightning impulses and switching transients, in cables. A transmission line is characterized by its characteristic impedance, attenuation coefficient and propagation velocity. The semiconducting layers in an XLPE cable have a significant influence on these parameters. Unfortunately, the dielectric properties of these layers are usually unknown and can
more » ... iffer between similar types of cables. In this paper it is shown that nevertheless the characteristic impedance and propagation velocity of single-core and three-core XLPE cables can be estimated using available information from the cable specifications. The estimated values are validated using pulse response measurements on cable samples.
doi:10.1109/tdei.2010.5412008 fatcat:t2vfg3mchrh7tgnd3xtaxwr77q