Transcription initiated by RNA polymerase II and transcription factors from liver. Structure and action of transcription factors epsilon and tau

J W Conaway, J P Hanley, K P Garrett, R C Conaway
1991 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
We have fractionated rat liver and identified a set of transcription factors that are essential for accurate initiation by RNA polymerase II. These factors were resolved into five distinct enzyme fractions designated alpha, beta gamma, delta, epsilon, and tau. Four of these fractions can now be replaced with purified proteins. alpha and beta gamma were previously purified to apparent homogeneity (Conaway, J. W., and Conaway, R. C. (1989) J. Biol. Chem. 264, 2357-2362). Here, we report
more » ... we report purification to near homogeneity of transcription factor epsilon. Epsilon has a native molecular mass of approximately 90 kDa and is composed of 34- and 58-kDa polypeptides. Both the 34- and 58-kDa polypeptides are required for runoff transcription. In addition, we show that transcription factor tau is a rat liver homologue of the TATA factor (TFIID or BTF1) that can be efficiently replaced in transcription in vitro by recombinant yeast TFIID. Comparison of the two factors reveals, however, that they differ significantly in their abilities to direct the transcription system to discriminate between promoters of different sequences.
pmid:2019603 fatcat:kuui4nguvvac5coyfoaqfp5cn4