New approach to parton shower Monte Carlo event generators for precision QCD theory: HERWIRI1.0(31)

S. Joseph, S. Majhi, B. F. L. Ward, S. A. Yost
2010 Physical Review D  
By implementing the new IR-improved Dokshitzer-Gribov-Lipatov-Altarelli-Parisi-Callan-Symanzik (DGLAP-CS) kernels recently developed by one of us in the HERWIG6.5 environment we generate a new MC, HERWIRI1.0(31), for hadron-hadron scattering at high energies. We use MC data to illustrate the comparison between the parton shower generated by the standard DGLAP-CS kernels and that generated by the new IR-improved DGLAP-CS kernels. The interface to MC@NLO, MC@NLO/HERWIRI, is illustrated.
more » ... s with FNAL data and some discussion of possible implications for LHC phenomenology are also presented.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.81.076008 fatcat:4u6wm673b5czpbl7aub3vxb2ti