Production Simulation of Oil Reservoirs with Complex Fracture Network Using Numerical Simulation

Xijun Ke, Yunxiang Zhao, Jiaqi Li, Zixi Guo, Yunwei Kang
2022 Energies  
This paper established a numerical simulation model to analyze the pressure transient and rate transient behaviors in reservoir with complex fracture network. Firstly, the fractures are introduced into the coordinate system through the position, angle, and length. Secondly, a mathematical model is established by using unstable seepage model. Thirdly, the central difference method was used to solve the model and local grid refinement method is introduced to describe the network fractures.
more » ... , we compared the results obtained from this paper's model with the production data. The results show acceptable and reasonable matches for typical well. Meanwhile, the sensitivity of two properties is discussed. The model solution is verified with an analytical method thoroughly. The novelty of this paper is to introduce each fracture in fracture network into the coordinate system. Then, the grid refinement is achieved according to the fracture information. The presented new model simplifies the analysis of the pressure transient and rate transient of the reservoir with complex fracture network, and it is more efficient than the conventional numerical method. Compared with the analytical methods, the new model describes the fractures system in more detail. However, the new model treats fractures as reservoirs with higher permeability in the central difference method, which is simpler and rougher than traditional numerical methods.
doi:10.3390/en15114050 fatcat:so7spagukjfwtkxng3v3wt2ruq