Propaganda Supporting the German 'New Order' in the Occupied Territories of the Kursk Region, October 1941 – September 1943: Intelligence Reports of the NKVD for the Kursk Region
Пропагандистское обеспечение германского «Нового порядка» на оккупированной территории Курской области, октябрь 1941 г. – сентябрь 1943 г. По материалам разведывательно-агентурных сводок и донесений УНКВД по Курской области

Vladimir G. Ostapyuk, Sergey V. Bogdanov, Natalia A. Zhukova
2017 Herald of an Archivist  
One of the least studied issues of the functioning of German occupation regime on the territories of the USSR, seized by the German armies and those of their allies, is organization of mass propaganda and psychological warfare aimed at the local population. Various archival documents testify that Nazi leadership paid much attention to the ideological support of their expansionist war in the East. Planning of mass propaganda activities with regard to both the civilian population of the Soviet
more » ... on of the Soviet Union and the Red Army servicemen involved considerable
doi:10.28995/2073-0101-2017-4-111-123 fatcat:slpg3m5dobdhnn2dd3vh3cqyne