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1874 Scientific American  
Improved Revolvln.r Harrow. nHenry N. Dalton. Pacheco,Cal.-Mechanlsm Is provIded whICh causes the rollers to revelve uniformly; and as the harrow is drawn forward, one roll· Improved Tobacco Press. er w111 be revolved by the revolutIon of the other roller, so that they w111 James M. Gaston, New Albany, Ind.-ThIs InventIon consIsts of the stir the soU evenly. Levers enable the harrow to be adjusted to work at molds and follower for pressIng tobacco Into plul(s, arranged between any desIred
more » ... n the ground, or to be raIsed away from the ground for upper and lower rollways, sUghtly convergIng, and provIded wIth means convenIence In passIng from place to place. for forcIng the mold and follower along, and wedging them powerfully to· gether between saId rollways. There are cross partitions between the ends of the molds, contrIved to recede before the rIbs of the follower and tlms allow saId rIbs to extend the whole length of the group of molds whereby the necessIty of fitting the rIbs accurately to the molds, whIch would otherwIse exIst, Is obvIated; and moreover It allows of shiftIng the molds for makIng plugs of dilferent le>lgths, and employIng' the same rIbs wIth molds of any length. A contrIvance of the end partItions Is added for removIng them and the mold bottoms and sIde s, for changIng them to any requIred length. The Inventor has furnIshed us the ligures In deta
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican10311874-281 fatcat:7ayiudhfhbcxzder7stgc5coju