Desmodasys phocoidesgen, et sp. n., family turbanellidae (Gastrotricha Macrodasyoidea)

Claus Clausen
1965 Sarsia  
A marine gastl'otl'ich, Desmodasys phocoides, representing a new genus of the family Turbanel lidae, is described from the Norwegian west coast. The chief difference between the new species and the species of the other genera of the family lies in the size and arrangement of the anterior adhesory tubules. DESCRIPTION 1 Contribution from the Biological Station, Espegrend, Blomsterdalen, Norway. 2 The species name phocoides refers to the seal-like shape of the adult animal.
doi:10.1080/00364827.1965.10409557 fatcat:drkmm65dcbfyjmnxx3xnusx2xq