Cone Penetration Testing [book]

Permeability and strength parameters of compacted soils (i.e., levees as well as other earthworks) may be correlated to the degree of compaction. Since the use of conventional and recent testing methods for the assessment of density and water content of earthworks, under construction, cannot be applied to existing levees, an expeditious and accurate method for the assessment of the degree of compaction of existing and new levees, after their completion, appears extremely useful. The purpose of
more » ... ul. The purpose of this research is to develop a simple tool for the assessment of the degree of compaction of "compacted", partially saturated, fine grained soils. This paper illustrates the proposed method which combines in situ testing such as electric CPT or CPTu with laboratory penetration testing performed with a mini-cone in a calibration chamber (CC).
doi:10.1016/c2013-0-00937-1 fatcat:er3bqprslbhldggfbye4fmunai