The cytology of Cladophora liniformis Kuetz. and C. fracta (Dillw.) Kuetz

B. N. Verma
Cladophorales is one of the two orders of the class Chlorophyceae showing prevalence of polyploid and good size of chromosomes at par with higher plants. Its seven genera have been cytologically investigated so far (cf. the karyological informations of the order are largely based on the works done in the genus Clado phora Kutz. More than 40-taxa belonging to this genus have been cytologically studied till to this time but not the less are yet to be explored. Previous works are mainly concerned
more » ... ith the chromosome number and hence, detailed karyotype study in this genus is desirable. In the present investgation, karyotypes of two species viz. C. liniformis and C. fracta have been worked out, which, from the available literatures, appear to be the maiden attempt. Meiosis in algae is rare being unpredictable, restricted and short lived. Con sequently it is known only in few compared to the number of taxa cytologically in
doi:10.1508/cytologia.50.49 fatcat:ustcp5yp3ffspitkf3nwxbbbyu