Fusion neutron yield from high intensity laser-cluster interaction

J. Davis, G. M. Petrov, A. L. Velikovich
2006 Physics of Plasmas  
The fusion neutron yield from a compact neutron source is studied. Laser-irradiated deuterium clusters serve as a precursor of high-energy deuterium ions, which react with the walls of a fusion reaction chamber and produce copious amounts of neutrons in fusion reactions. The explosion of deuterium clusters with initial radius of 50− 200 Å irradiated by a subpicosecond laser with intensity of 10 16 W/cm 2 is examined theoretically. We studied the conversion efficiency of laser energy to ion
more » ... ic energy, the mean and maximum ion kinetic energy, and ion energy distribution function by a molecular dynamics model. A yield of ϳ10 5 −10 6 neutrons/J is obtainable for a peak laser intensity of 10 16 −10 17 W/cm 2 and clusters with an initial radius of 200-400 Å.
doi:10.1063/1.2210467 fatcat:ifb3plkphnfpnl5fzwigah2ydi