Modern State Of Studying The Russian Language In The Republic Of Tajikistan

Zaynularab Zaburiddinovich Saidov
2021 unpublished
The relevance of learning Russian is increasing in the post-Soviet space, where its flow was significantly limited for a long time and is practically out of communication in the youth environment. However, the recent political and economic trends have predetermined an increasing need to introduce the Russian language into the life of Tajik citizens. This determines the characteristics and specificity of methodological approaches to its study as a "non-native" in the curricula for Tajik schools.
more » ... for Tajik schools. Studying any foreign language, learning a foreign language culture is an important condition for the professional training of specialists in various fields and promotes human development in general. Today, foreign language proficiency plays a priority role in professional self-determination and solving tasks of professional growth, facilitates the development of foreign contacts with business partners. While the development of international cooperation in Tajikistan is gaining strength, every educational institution that implements secondary and higher vocational education programmes uses the Russian language. Educational institutions need to spread the Russian language among the younger generation. However, the current state of Russian language learning in educational institutions of the Republic of Tajikistan raises some concerns. This is due both to the weak material and technical and methodological resources of many secondary and higher education institutions, their inadequate technological equipment, and often insufficient quality of Russian language teaching and the lack of scientific and methodological literature.
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2021.05.182 fatcat:ip4bjs3mgvgh7jnm2zyygfjxcy