A. Sugantha, V. Meenakshi And T.S. Prema
2022 Zenodo  
Empowerment is then the process of obtaining these basic opportunities for marginalized people, either directly by those people, or through the help of non-marginalized others who share their own access to these opportunities. Empowerment also includes encouraging, and developing the skills for, self-sufficiency, with a focus on eliminating the future need for charity or welfare in the individuals of the group. This process can be difficult to start and to implement effectively. Empowerment
more » ... udes control over resources physical, human, intellectual and financial) and over ideology (beliefs, valuesand attitudes) It is not merely a feel of greater extrinsic control, but also grows intrinsic capacity, greater self-confidence and an internal transformation of ones consciousness that enables one to overcome external barriers to accessing resources or changing traditional ideology.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6531985 fatcat:icnzayrtsfa6nevpudxy5d3jiu