A new Troglohyphantes from Bulgarian caves (Araneae, Linyphiidae)

Ch. Deltshev
1973 International Journal of Speleology  
Drensky (I 931) reported 5 species of the genus Troglohyphantes inhabiting Bulgarian caves. Kratochvil and Miller (I938) and Deltshev (I 972) established that two of these species belong to the genus Centromerus and the rest to Lepthyphantes. From research in the cave "Suchata" near the town of Yelingrad, I d and 49 Troglohyphantes were found. This provided an opportunity for a more profound study which resulted in the establishment of a new species, which I call Troglohyphantes drenskii in
more » ... ur of the well known Bulgarian arachnologist Dr. P. Drensky.
doi:10.5038/1827-806x.5.2.1 fatcat:sutxtwdqfnhhxnbzgjvp363pfa