Ovarian Germline Stem Cells (OGSCs) and the Hippo Signaling Pathway Association with Physiological and Pathological Ovarian Aging in Mice

2015 Stem Cell and Translational Investigation  
The Hippo signaling pathway plays an important role in stem cell maintenance in a variety of tissues and has thus implications for stem cell biology. Key components of this recently discovered pathway have been shown to be associated with primordial follicle activation. Recently, we observed that the Hippo signaling pathway plays a role in the development of Ovarian Germline Stem Cells (OGSCs) during physiological and pathological ovarian aging in mice. The Hippo signal pathway and MVH/OCT4
more » ... s were observed in the mouse ovarian cortex. The level and co-localization of LATS2, MST1, MVH, and OCT4 were obviously decreased with increased age, but YAP1 was more prevalent in the mouse ovarian cortex of 2M mice than 7D mice and was not observed in 20M mice. Furthermore, YAP1, MST1, MVH, and OCT4 were gradually decreased after Tripterygium wilfordii polycoride tablets (TPT) and cyclophosphamide/busulfan (CY/BUS) treatment, and LATS2 up-regulation persisted in TPT-and CY/BUS-treated mice. In addition, pYAP1 protein showed the highest level in the ovarian cortexes of 7D mice compared with 20M mice, and the value of pYAP1/YAP1 decreased from 7D to 20M. Moreover, pYAP1 decreased in the TPT-and CY/BUS-treated groups, but the value of pYAP1/YAP1 increased in these groups. Altogether; we demonstrated that the Hippo signaling pathway may be involved in the development schedule of OGSCs. To cite this article: Jia Li, et al. Ovarian germline stem cells (OGSCs) and the hippo signaling pathway association with physiological and pathological ovarian aging in mice. Stem Cell Transl Investig 2015; 2: e1010.
doi:10.14800/scti.1010 fatcat:tmsanxhlp5evzglatygzgbgx4u