Respiration & Internal Atmosphere of Avocado Fruit

S. Ben-Yehoshua, R. N. Robertson, J. B. Biale
1963 Plant Physiology  
Tlle relationship hetwveen respiration, ripeening. and the comilpositioni of tlle internal atmlosplhere has heen studied in several fruits. In the case of the banana (M.tsa sapientum ) and the papaya (Carica Papaya ). Wardlaw and Leonard (24, 25) observedl the coiici(lenice of the onset of the clilmiacteric rise with the peak in oxygen concentration insi(le these fruits. WVith the respiratorrise the oxygen level (lroppe(l reaching very low values of 1 at late stages of senescence. Imnlpresse(l
more » ... ence. Imnlpresse(l with the miarked changes in the gaseous comllpositioll, they suggestedl thlat the ititer-nlal oxy(gen concentration is the conitrolling mleclhaniislmi of the clilmiacteric pattern. Trout et al. ( 22) reporte(d that in mature apples oxygen Literature Cited
doi:10.1104/pp.38.2.194 pmid:16655774 fatcat:sobaccosl5hf7dp4ydq3modo54