Preliminary Observation on the Mating Behavior and Daily Rhythm of the Ussur Brown Katydid, Paratlanticus ussuriensis Uvarov (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae)
갈색여치의 일일행동패턴과 교미행동

Changmann Yoon, Hyun Kyung Kim, Gil-Hah Kim
2014 Korean journal of applied entomology  
The ussur brown katydid, Paratlanticus ussuriensis (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae), causes substantial damage in orchard areas in South Korea. Daily rhythm and mating behaviors were investigated in last instar nymphs, immature adults and mature adults of P. ussuriensis. The daily rhythm was repeated upon resting, moving, and feeding. The daily rhythm of the movement behavior similar in both last instar nymphs and immature adults. Last instar nymphs becoming active at 10:06 and ceasing activity at
more » ... :12 in average. Immature adults becoming active at 11:30 and ceasing activity at 20:08 in average of totally 10 individuals. However, mature adults showed a different active time of 15:30. Generally, behavior was affected by the conditions of their environment, especially temperature. Mature adults activated later than nymphs and immature adults. Mature adults display mating behavior at a particular time of day (approximately 20:00). P. ussuriensis showed a mating behavioral sequence which was similar to related species in completely retaining the spermatophylax. Females took 270 min to 360 min to completely retain the spermatophylax. The daily rhythm of P. ussuriensis, indicating its occurrence and ecology, could be useful as basic data for managing field populations of P. ussuriensis.
doi:10.5656/ksae.2014.03.0.016 fatcat:etf6uxuyffh2beazafsy4gkrxu