Fragmentation of care: a major challenge for older people living with multimorbidity

Nafisat Oladayo Akintayo-Usman
2021 Geriatrics Gerontology and Aging  
As the world's aging population is rising, so too is the prevalence of multimorbidity increasing among older adults. Multimorbidity is therefore a growing public health challenge among the older population. Researchers have reported fragmentation of care to be one of the major problems facing this population. The leading factors responsible for this issue are use of disease-centered approaches and specialism to manage people living with multimorbidity; poor communication between professionals
more » ... d people with multimorbidity; and poor communication among the professionals caring for these people. Failure to address this problem leads to increased treatment burden, including polypharmacy. There is therefore a need for all healthcare professionals caring for older people living with multimorbidity to address this problem by providing continuous, coordinated person-centered care. For the person-centered care approach to be well-coordinated and continuous, there is a need for effective means of sharing information among healthcare providers, to facilitate inter-professional collaboration; extension of consultation time to better enable healthcare providers to understand the patient's needs; review of organizational frameworks and policies where necessary; and development of new guidelines for the management of multimorbidity.
doi:10.53886/gga.0210030 doaj:cdbb598e6c874a168bebe738e8e0df02 fatcat:yob4j553jfc53l4jkiwn5letvu