Ciri Morfosemantik Afiks Derivasional {ber-} dalam Konstruksi Verba Denumeralia Bahasa Indonesia (Morphosemantic Features of Derivational Affix {ber-} in Indonesian Denumeral Verb Constructions)

Danang Satria Nugraha
2022 Indonesian Language Education and Literature  
This qualitative descriptive study aimed to analyze the morphosemantic features of the derivational affix {ber-} embedded in Indonesian's denumeral verbs (VDnum). The data in this study is in the form of a VDnum construction with affix of {ber-}. The research data source is the corpus Leipzig Corpora Collection-Indonesian (LCCI). The data collection technique is the corpus combined with the observation technique. The data were analyzed in stages based on the Bagi Unsur Langsung (BUL) technique
more » ... ccording to the basic theory of Derivational Morphology and Transpositional Semantics. Based on the analysis, two findings were as follows. Firstly, the affix {ber-} is a key in trans-positioning numerals into verbs. Without the affix, the VDnum in bI cannot be realized. In addition, the affix {ber-} in the VDnum tends to: (a) derive definitive cardinal numerals, (b) create the VDnum semantic type 'state ', and (c) embed the semantic role 'patient' in arguments distributed in one construction. This research concludes that morphosemantically the affix {ber-} in the construction of VDnum bI is essential in transposing numerals into verbs.
doi:10.24235/ileal.v8i1.9543 fatcat:wsfjcescyvh3nav5sdjjhedoc4