Using NLP for Fact Checking: A Survey

Eric Lazarski, Mahmood Al-Khassaweneh, Cynthia Howard
2021 Designs  
In recent years, disinformation and "fake news" have been spreading throughout the internet at rates never seen before. This has created the need for fact-checking organizations, groups that seek out claims and comment on their veracity, to spawn worldwide to stem the tide of misinformation. However, even with the many human-powered fact-checking organizations that are currently in operation, disinformation continues to run rampant throughout the Web, and the existing organizations are unable
more » ... keep up. This paper discusses in detail recent advances in computer science to use natural language processing to automate fact checking. It follows the entire process of automated fact checking using natural language processing, from detecting claims to fact checking to outputting results. In summary, automated fact checking works well in some cases, though generalized fact checking still needs improvement prior to widespread use.
doi:10.3390/designs5030042 fatcat:sbju5qv4tze5dk6llvs5mwxedm