Effect of ethanol-wet bonding to caries affected dentin EFFECT OF ETHANOL-WET BONDING TO CARIES AFFECTED DENTIN by Tipapat Attathom

Tipapat Attathom, Steven Armstrong, Steven Armstrong, Saulo Geraldeli, Marcela, Hernandez, Justine Kolker
2009 unpublished
Part of the Other Dentistry Commons Recommended Citation Attathom, Tipapat. "Effect of ethanol-wet bonding to caries affected dentin." MS (Master of Science) thesis, University of Iowa, 2009. __________________________________ Fang Qian ii To my dad, my mom and my brother, for always be there for me and love me. iii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank Dr. Steven R. Armstrong for being such a dedicated mentor. You inspired me to strive for excellence. This thesis could not have been completed
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