Modelling surface currents in the Eastern Levantine Mediterranean using surface drifters and satellite altimetry

Leila Issa, Julien Brajard, Milad Fakhri, Daniel Hayes, Laurent Mortier, Pierre-Marie Poulain
2016 Ocean Modelling  
We present a new and fast method for blending altimetry and surface drifters data in the Eastern Levantine Mediterranean. The method is based on a variational assimilation approach for which the velocity is corrected by matching real drifters positions with those predicted by a simple advection model, while taking into account the wind effect. The velocity correction is done in a time-continuous fashion by assimilating at once a whole trajectory of drifters using a sliding time window. Except
more » ... r the wind component, the velocity is constrained to be divergence free. We show that with few drifters, our method improves the the estimation of velocity in two typical situations: an eddy between the Lebanese coast and Cyprus, and velocities along the Lebanese coast.
doi:10.1016/j.ocemod.2016.05.006 fatcat:4hnd7uhaojb3zhnwn72gtutj5u