Improved PWM modulation for a permanent-split capacitor motor

E.R. Benedict, T.A. Lipo
Conference Record of the 2000 IEEE Industry Applications Conference. Thirty-Fifth IAS Annual Meeting and World Conference on Industrial Applications of Electrical Energy (Cat. No.00CH37129)  
This paper first examines and compares several methods for producing a variable speed drive for the permanent split-capacitor (PSC) induction motor. Conventional modulation methods are compared using phasor diagrams and then an improved modulation scheme using a boost converter and a three-phase drive is proposed. The derivation of the required excitation waveforms for any arbitrary PSC machine as a function of the turns ratio is presented in addition to an expression for determining the amount
more » ... ermining the amount of required DC Bus boost. Experimental and theoretical results are included to verify the analysis.
doi:10.1109/ias.2000.882152 fatcat:cgj73sqyvzhllcikkvl2p6hpxe