Host-Virus Interaction in Ribonucleic Acid Bacteriophage-Infected Escherichia coli

Anne M. Haywood, Jane Harris Cramer, Nadja Lancaster Shoemaker
1969 Journal of Virology  
When actinomycin-treated, MS2-infected Escherichia coli are labeled during a brief period later than 16 min after infection, the newly synthesized MS2 ribonucleic acid (RNA) appears first in the 30,000 X g sediment, probably bound to fragments of bacterial membranes, since the radioactivity can be released from the sediment with deoxycholate or urea. With longer labeling times, radioactivity also appears in the 30,000 X g supernatant fluid. While on the membrane, the RNA is organized into
more » ... rganized into particles with sedimentation coefficients of 40, 32, and 27S in the presence of low Mg'+. In the presence of high Mg+, MS2-specific RNA is found in polyribosomes. These data are interpreted to mean that MS2-specific RNA is synthesized and organized into larger structures on membrane. More than 8 min of labeling is required before radioactivity is found in the 81S virion which appears in the supernatant fluid. on May 8, 2020 by guest
doi:10.1128/jvi.4.4.364-371.1969 fatcat:m3spojxaujdvhmtx64h5fklv5i