Social conditions in ancient Kashmir (c. A.D. 855-1150)

Sudarshan Kumar
This thesis aims at assessing the social conditions in ancient Kashmir (C. A.D. 855-1150). In the introductory chapter, we give the importance of this period in the history of Kashmir, previous work done on the subject, the source material we use, and a brief account of the physical geography and political history. In the second chapter we discuss the relative position of different castes aid classes. The third chapter deals with various aspects of the life of a Kashmiri. Here we discuss the
more » ... e we discuss the life of the king, the ideas of kingship, the succession, city and village administration, the position of women, education, the merchant-bankers and the means of conveyance. The fourth chapter concerns food and drink. The fifth chapter deals with prices, cotinage, and weights and measures. In the sixth chapter we discuss dress and ornaments. Games and amusements of the Kashmirians are dealt with in the seventh chapter. The eighth chapter depicts popular beliefs and superstitions. We add a few words on Sakta beliefs and t?ntric gurus. The ninth chapter gives a description of the festival rites of the Kashmirians. In the tenth chapter we discuss the importance of tirthayatra. In furnishing a brief history of the sanctity of the pilgrimage places, we have restricted ourselves to the important ones. This is followed by a brief account of various religious foundations. These chapters are followed by a conclusion in which the main results of this thesis are summarized.
doi:10.25501/soas.00029425 fatcat:26wkkoxlezgerhvsldojpmz4mm