Soğuk Başlangıçların Etkisi: SiO2 Nanopartiküllerinin Modülasyonu

Bilge BOYLU, Osman ARSLAN, Yüksel ABALI
2020 İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim Üniversitesi Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü Dergisi  
As one of the most famous anticake agents, SiO2 nanoparticle synthesis was investigated via a modified method and results were reported. For this reason, tetraethoxysilane presursor was subjected to varying synthesis procedures such as concentration change and surface modification ligants. pH value and all the other reactant concentrations were kept the same and by implying sol-gel reaction mechanism, basic catalysis and temperature allowed us to obtain spherical and monodispersed
more » ... ersed nanoparticles. Additionally it was shown that surface composition which provides hydrophobic character could also be controlled by spontaneous reaction of the long alkyl chain containing alkyltrialkoxysilanes with tetraalkoxysilane. Statistical analysis of the nanoparticle sizes with atomic composition unveiled that SiO2 nanoparticle size can be modulated sensitively. Octyl modified SiO2 nanoparticles can be produced. Monodispersed, spherical and surface controlled nanoparticles seem promising candidates for the applications in sensors, controlled surface coatings and chemical delivery applications.
doi:10.47769/izufbed.819065 fatcat:a5ghge64fbhavj5gro4kdzuspm