Nanomaterials for Skin Delivery of Cosmeceuticals and Pharmaceuticals

Eliana B. Souto, Ana Rita Fernandes, Carlos Martins-Gomes, Tiago E. Coutinho, Alessandra Durazzo, Massimo Lucarini, Selma B. Souto, Amélia M. Silva, Antonello Santini
2020 Applied Sciences  
Featured Application: The loading of pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals into nanomaterials is discussed as new formulations for potential treatment of age-related skin problems. Topical administration of active ingredients formulated as nanopharmaceuticals and nanonutraceuticals is discussed.Abstract: Skin aging is described as dermatologic changes either naturally occurring over the course of years or as the result of the exposure to environmental factors (e.g., chemical products, pollution,
more » ... ducts, pollution, infrared and ultraviolet radiations). The production of collagen and elastin, the main structural proteins responsible for skin strength and elasticity, is reduced during aging, while their role in skin rejuvenation can trigger a wrinkle reversing effect. Elasticity loss, wrinkles, dry skin, and thinning are some of the signs that can be associated with skin aging. To overcome skin aging, many strategies using natural and synthetic ingredients are being developed aiming to reduce the signs of aging and/or to treat age-related skin problems (e.g., spots, hyper- or hypopigmentation). Among the different approaches in tissue regeneration, the use of nanomaterials loaded with cosmeceuticals (e.g., phytochemicals, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and growth factors) has become an interesting alternative. Based on their bioactivities and using different nanoformulations as efficient delivery systems, several cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical products are now available on the market aiming to mitigate the signs of aged skin. This manuscript discusses the state of the art of nanomaterials commonly used for topical administration of active ingredients formulated in nanopharmaceuticals and nanocosmeceuticals for skin anti-aging.
doi:10.3390/app10051594 fatcat:cbiya44rerf3rivu5vuemszax4