Degeneration in Renal Cells of Freshwater Fish (Channa punctata) under Exposure of Nigrosine Black (Acid Black-2), a Tanning Industry Dye

Jyoti Prakash Srivastava, Vishal Chand
2022 Asian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Research  
Nigrosine Black (Acid Black-2) is popularly used in tanning industries and a huge amount of this dye comes out with effluent of tanning industries, this dye reached near water bodies, and what impact produced on their aquatic life not reveal yet, Hence a study was plan to find out the impact of Nigrosine black dye on the renal cell of freshwater fish Channa punctata. Sub-acute and chronic exposure to Nigrocine Black produced significant renal cellular degeneration in fish C. punctata. The
more » ... LC50 (96h) of the Nigrocine Black produced degenerating changes in the kidney tissues of fish. Renal corpuscles were revealing swollen and contained some degenerated RBC and thmbrocytes, which appeared to be cellular debris in Bowman space, due to the rapid destruction of the nuclei of erythrocytes. The liberated hemoglobin and other cytoplasmic materials were also observed, while 1/20th of LC50 (96hr) of Nigrosine Black produced renal degeneration in Bowman's capsule and swelling in the glomerulus in the intoxicated fish along with renal tubules atrophy, degeneration as compared to the control group of fish. The low dose of Nigrosine Black Toxicity in fish produced nephropathy, and nephrosis. While the high dose of Nigrosine black dye produces Glomerulonephritis in experimental fish. The kidney cells of experimental fish are damaged by both doses of Nigrosine Black. The physico-chemical property of aquarium water was kept constant during whole duration of experiment.
doi:10.9734/ajfar/2022/v17i430412 fatcat:owofpwflybeljj5jiyfwa44xvm