CS-MUVI: Video Compressive Sensing for Spatial-Multiplexing Cameras

Aswin C. Sankaranarayanan, Christoph Studer, Richard G. Baraniuk
Compressive sensing (CS)-based spatial-multiplexing cameras (SMCs) sample a scene through a series of coded projections using a spatial light modulator and a few optical sensor elements. SMC architectures are particularly useful when imaging at wavelengths for which full-frame sensors are too cumbersome or expensive. While existing recovery algorithms for SMCs perform well for static images, they typically fail for time-varying scenes (videos). In this paper, we propose a novel CS multi-scale
more » ... deo (CS-MUVI) sensing and recovery framework for SMCs. Our framework features a co-designed video CS sensing matrix and recovery algorithm that provide an efficiently computable low-resolution video preview. We estimate the scene's optical flow from the video preview and feed it into a convex-optimization algorithm to recover the high-resolution video. We demonstrate the performance and capabilities of the CS-MUVI framework for different scenes.
doi:10.1184/r1/6468596.v1 fatcat:t6oenmtdo5ftjklf3nq5d7wm5a