Unforeseen crystal forms of the natural osmolyte floridoside

Andrew J. Maneffa, Adrian C. Whitwood, A. Steve Whitehouse, Hugh Powell, James H. Clark, Avtar S. Matharu
2020 Communications Chemistry  
Floridoside (2-α-O-D-galactopyranosyl glycerol) is a glycerol glycoside that is biosynthesised by most species of red algae and has been implicated as an intracellular regulator of various homeostatic functions. Here, we report the identification of two unforeseen crystal forms of the ubiquitous natural osmolyte floridoside including a seemingly unheralded second anhydrous conformational polymorph and the unambiguous description of an elusive monohydrated variant. By employing a variety of
more » ... al and spectroscopic techniques, we begin to explore both their macro and molecular physicochemical properties, which are notably different to that of the previously reported polymorph. This work advances the characterisation of this important natural biomolecule which could aid in facilitating optimised utilisation across a variety of anthropocentric applications and improve comprehension of its role in-vivo as a preeminent compatible solute.
doi:10.1038/s42004-020-00376-z pmid:36703387 pmcid:PMC9814874 fatcat:fxlkawp6z5dyld6lppphgcczrq