Propleopus chillagoensis, a new North Queensland species of extinct giant rat–kangaroo (Macropodidae: Potorinae)

M. Archer, A. Bartholomai, L. G. Marshall
1978 Memoirs of the National Museum of Victoria  
Propleopus chillagoensis is described as a second species in the genus. The genus is rediagnosed. The new species differs markedly in details of premolar and molar morphology from the Pleistocene P. oscillans (De Vis), but reveals no additional information about intergeneric relationships. In the unique characters which differentiate it from P. oscillans, it is less like structurally ancestral forms such as Hypsiprymnodon than is P. oscillans, and could be a descendent of the lineage leading to
more » ... P. oscillans. A specimen of Propleopus from the Pleistocene Wellington Caves is similar to P. chillagoensis, and suggests the possibility that the two species, or lineages leading to them, were contemporaneous during part of the Pleistocene, and probably represent end members of a late Tertiary radiation.
doi:10.24199/j.mmv.1978.39.04 fatcat:tas5vwusqzfybhoal6olfq52ue