Toward fine-tuned metabolic networks in industrial microorganisms

Ning Li, Weizhu Zeng, Sha Xu, Jingwen Zhou
2020 Synthetic and Systems Biotechnology  
There are numerous microorganisms in nature capable of synthesizing diverse useful compounds; however, these natural microorganisms are generally inefficient in the production of target products on an industrial scale, relative to either chemical synthesis or extraction methods. To achieve industrial production of useful compounds, these natural microorganisms must undergo a certain degree of mutation or effective fine-tuning strategies. This review describes how to achieve an ideal metabolic
more » ... ne-tuned process, including static control strategies and dynamic control strategies. The static control strategies mainly focus on various matabolic engineering strategies, including protein engineering, upregulation/downregulation, and combinatrorial control of these metabolic engineering strategies, to enhance the flexibility of their application in fine-tuned metabolic metworks. Then, we focus on the dynamic control strategies for fine-tuned metabolic metworks. The design principles derived would guide us to construct microbial cell factories for various useful compounds.
doi:10.1016/j.synbio.2020.05.002 pmid:32542205 pmcid:PMC7283098 fatcat:kv5fdpafibgsxocge6hlkyznau