Dinamic a change function of figures of hearty-vessel a system in course school day in the time of special an instruction

D A Khvaschinsky, A A Marjanovsky, V A Nazarov
2012 RUDN Journal of Medicine  
In the report the main attention is given to results of the application of the new Differential Space-Temporal Magnetic Measurement (DSTM) method for allocation of elements of differential rotation of physical covers of Earth according to the magnetic field measured on spacecrafts "MAGSAT", "CHAMP". It is shown that regularity of differential rotation of physical covers (atmosphere with ionosphere, hydrosphere) is inherent in the most part of natural Space objects (to the Sun, planets, their
more » ... , planets, their natural satellites), generating the own magnetic field in the interior. It is shown, how the structure of the magnetic field arising from deep physical inhomogeneities of the substance of the Earth's mantle and the core influences emergence of biological, and hydro-chemical zonal distribution of regions of Earth. It is shown that large-scale satellite geomagnetic anomalies and their 60 th year (and more) variations and variations of Long Biospheric Kondratieff's waves are connected with sub-latitudinal inhomogeneities on the Earth's core-mantle border (2900 km) and the spatial rhythmic migration of the projection of their limits on the terrestrial surface. The activity is executed at support of Russian Foundation of the Basic Research grant № 10-05-00343-a.
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