The sea-bed of the southern part of Faxaflói, Iceland (Botngerð í sunnanverðum Faxaflóa)

Kjartan Thors
1978 Jökull  
Some 500 km2 of sea-bed in the bay of Faxaflói, SW-Iceland have been surveyed with side-scan sonar. A map of the area, based on complete sonar coverage, shows the sea-bed to be made up of solid rock, gravel and sand. Dredge samples of the solid rock show it to be of sedimentary origin. Grab samples of the gravel and sand are very carbonate rich and a pattern of decreasing carbonate content with depth is observed. The orientation of sand patches and ripples in the gravels indicate sediment
more » ... ort from west to east, i.e. into the bay. Boomer profiles indicate sediment buildup in the eastern part of the area.
doi:10.33799/jokull1978.28.042 fatcat:x3qbrnljlre5rnmblqyw7oenra