Psychosemantic study of highly-qualified athletes' motivation [report]

2019 unpublished
The article presents the results of professional athletes' motivation psychosemantic study. We revealed the content of professional athletes' needs, motives and attitudes. The athletes presented hockey, cycling, rowing and canoeing, sambo-wrestling, biathlon and yachting sport. Materials. The data, received as a result of an individual and group form of motivation diagnostics, with the help of forms and specially created Express computer program. Research methods. The methodology of
more » ... ic express-diagnostics is created by Igor L. Solomin on the basis of color metaphors method. Results. The results analysis of motivation psychosemantic study among professional athletes, who go in for hockey, cycling, rowing and canoeing, sambo-wrestling, biathlon and yachting sport, helped to define motivational problems, reveal motivational resources and compare the content of motivation among male and female professional athletes. The main motiva-tional problems of athletes include insufficient satisfaction with life, lack of close communication relations in team, indifference concerning Russia and the absence of desire to learn. Motivation resources include the following: keenness on sports activity. It is connected with sport plans, self-respect, trust-based relations with the coach, the value of work and family in life. As a result of motivation content comparison between men and women it was revealed that female athletes need additional work, directed toward their psychological, social and professional adaptation. Conclusion. The methodology of psychosemantic diagnostics, in particular color metaphors method, can be recommended for motivation parameters revelation and its dynamics control among professional ath-letes.
doi:10.14526/2070-4798-2019-14-2-83-88 fatcat:2i44ggovojefjgo7z4lchuzjom