Analysis of pharmacotherapeutic approach in patients with hyperthyroidism
Analiza farmakoterapijskog pristupa kod pacijenata obolelih od hipertireoze

Ana Đokić, Milena Đokić, Branislav Rovčanin, Branislava Medić-Brkić
2022 Medicinski Podmladak  
Hyperthyroidism represents a condition that occurs due to increased synthesis of thyroid hormones (T3, T4). In 90% of all cases it is caused by: Graves' disease, toxic multinodular goiter and toxic adenoma. Therapy of hyperthyroidism includes medication, radioiodine treatment and surgery. The most prescribed antithyroid drugs belong to the thioamide group (thiamazole and propylthiouracil). Aim: The aim of this study was to analyze the preoperative pharmacotherapeutic approach with the use of 3
more » ... rugs from the thioamide group (PTU® (propylthiouracil), Thyrozol® (thiamazole) and Tiastat® (thiamazole) in relation to the demographic and clinical characteristics of patients with hyperthyroidism. Material and methods: The study was conducted as a retrospective study among 62 patients aged 18 to 84 years, who reported to the Center for Endocrine Surgery KCS for the operative treatment of hyperthyroidism in period 2014-2019. Results: Diagnosis of Graves' disease was detected in 35.48% of patients, where 32.26% had toxic multinodular goiter, and 32.26% toxic adenoma. The most patients were prescribed Tiastat® (45.16%), 29.03% of them were prescribed PTU®, and 25.8% of them Thyrozol®. The most of patients suffering from Graves' disease were treated with Tiastat®, those suffering from toxic adenoma with PTU® and toxic multinodular goiter with Tiastat®. The most commonly used doses were 100 mg/day for PTU®, 20 mg/day for Tiastat® and 20 and 30 mg/ day for Thyrozol®. Total thyroidectomy is most commonly performed in patients treated with Tiastat® and hemithyroidectomy in those treated with PTU®. It was observed that there was a statistically significant difference (p < 0.05) in the use of individual drugs regarding to diagnosis, total daily dose of drug, body mass index and type of surgical procedure. Conclusion: The most of patients were prescribed Tiastat®. Pharmacotherapeutic approach in paients with hyperthyroidism is in accordance with the national guidelines.
doi:10.5937/mp73-33395 fatcat:rz5i2jedqrf6vlmqq5qb7aea5i