Lie-algebraic solutions of the type IIB matrix model

Athanasios Chatzistavrakidis
2011 Physical Review D  
A systematic search for Lie algebra solutions of the type IIB matrix model is performed. Our survey is based on the classification of all Lie algebras for dimensions up to five and of all nilpotent Lie algebras of dimension six. It is shown that Lie-type solutions of the equations of motion of the type IIB matrix model exist and they correspond to certain nilpotent and solvable Lie algebras. Their representation in terms of Hermitian matrices is discussed in detail. These algebras give rise to
more » ... ertain non-commutative spaces for which the corresponding star-products are provided. Finally the issue of constructing quantized compact nilmanifolds and solvmanifolds based on the above algebras is addressed.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.84.106010 fatcat:h2el2c2jlvebzg2yrt2fzuvvsu