Die pCO2-/pO2-Optode: Eine neue p CO2- bzw. pO2-Meßsonde zur Messung des pCO2 oder pO2 von Gasen und Flüssigkeiten / The pCO2-/pO2-Optode: A New Probe for Measurement of pCO2 or pO2 in Fluids and Gases

D. W. Lübbers, N. Opitz
1975 Zeitschrift für Naturforschung C - A Journal of Biosciences  
To measure pO2 or pCO2 in gases or fluids the fluorescence indicators pyrene butyric acid or β-methylumbelli-feron were used, which were separated from a measuring medium by a gas-permeable membrane. For p CO2 the pH changes in NaHCO3 solution were monitored by methyl-umbelliferon. Changes in its fluorescence signal, S, were measured at λ (emission) = 445 nm. Excitation was brought about by light of wavelength λ1 = 318 nm (fluorescence signal S1) , and λ2 = 357 nm (fluorescence signal S2).
more » ... ce signal S2). Drawing lg(S2/S1) against lg(pCO2-1), one obtains a straight line between a p CO2 of 10 and 70 Torr. The response time is about 3 to 4 s (90%). For pO2 , pyrene butyric acid is used (λ (excitation) = 342 nm; λ(emission) = 395 nm). A linear increase in pO2 between 0 and 300 Torr yields a linear increase in the reciprocal fluorescence signal. The response time is about 3 s (90%).
doi:10.1515/znc-1975-7-819 fatcat:vxuzvn5zsbawhmavll6wrhytdu